Agarbatti Sticks

The burning of incense in non secular and social functions has been practiced in Bharat since early times. Dhup associate degree aromatic powder or paste is burnt in Indian homes as a redolent chemical and is supposed to possess insecticidal and antiseptic properties. Agarbati additionally legendary, as Udubattis just like idol sticks square measure a development of Dhup.

Agarbatti Manufacturers India square measure procurable totally different in several in numerous colours and with different perfumes. The burning time of associate degree agarbatti varies from quarter-hour to three hours in step with quality and size. Agarbatti is additionally procurable in alternative forms like dashang (stickly paste or powder) deep (cones and Dhup, tablets etc.).

Concerning seventy fifth of the agarbattis factory-made square measure of low-cost quality containing solely charcoal powder or calibre shoe wood powder with a combination of fifty of “wood gun” powder. low-cost perfumes square measure accustomed provide them a prime note. In superior varieties, essential oils, refined resins, natural fixatives like amber, musk and viverrine mammal square measure used beside artificial aromatics. Absolutes square measure use within the costlier sorts.



Agarbattis square measure employed by all communities in Bharat, Sri Lanka, Union of Burma and by Indians residing abroad. As on nowadays concerning ninety foreign countries square measure victimisation our agarbattis.

Agarbatti business is one amongst the labour intensive house sort of ancient industries in Bharat and Mysore State leads during this business, the most centers of manufacture being Mysore and city. As on nowadays, concerning one thousand units exist through the State of Mysore. Moreover, it’s associate degree export-oriented business additionally. In fact, this can be done the things thought of for reinforcing exports. because of the low level of technology concerned during this business, this could be taken to rural areas while not a lot of issue, so implementing the agricultural industry policy of state of Bharat to a bigger extent.




1.          The estimates square measure drawn for a production capability usually thought of techno-economically viable for model sort of producing activity.

2. The data equipped relies on a regular sort of producing activity utilizing standard techniques of production at optimum levels of performance.

3. the prices in respect of Land & Building, machinery and instrumentation raw materials and also the marketing costs of the finished product etc. square measure those usually getting at the time of the preparation of the project profiles and will vary relying upon numerous factors.

4.          Whereas some names of manufacturers/suppliers of machinery and instrumentation, raw materials etc. square measure indicated at the tip of the profile these square measure by no suggests that exclusive or complete.


All the ingredients in powder type square measure mixed well within the correct proportion with water to a semi solid paste. This paste is applied to bamboo sticks and rolled on wooden-planks with hands uniformly. The raw sticks re them dried and packed in appropriate bundles. For manufacture of fragranced agarbattis the focused perfume is diluted 1st with white oil or diethyl phthalate (Generally 1:3) and raw Agarbatti Manufacturers India square measure swaybacked fittingly in dipping trays. The perfumed batties square measure packed straight off in butter paper baggage or polypropene baggage and at last in written cartons.

A typical composition for masala batties is as under:


White chips – four-hundredth }

Gigatu – 2 hundredth } The composition are often changed

Charcoal – 2 hundredth } in step with the necessities

Aromatic chemical Essential – 2 hundredth }

Oil and alternative ingredients }


QUALITY CONTROL & commonplace

There’s no international intelligence agency commonplace for manufacture of Agarbatti Manufacturers India at the present. However, they’re factory-made as per customer’s necessities.



Lined space if 250 sq.meters with electricity and water arrangements – Rs.1,500 PM


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